Kettlebell Strength for Endurance Athletes

Improve your performance in less training time with 25 hours of guided kettlebell strength workouts designed specifically for endurance athletes.

This guided strength workout system provides you with:

This guided strength workout system provides you with:

100% Guidance

  • 49 30-minute follow along workouts
  • Annual Schedule
  • Weight Recommendations

Endurance Sports Specific

  • Customized to your schedule
  • Offseason, race season, rest week, taper workouts
  • Addresses common issues to endurance athletes

Lifetime Access

  • Acess to all workouts immediately
  • No renewal fees or additional costs
  • 30-Day money back guarantee

About the instructor

Craig Slobodian

  1. Craig Slobodian is a personal trainer, certified kettlebell instructor, and former founder of one of Canada's first Ninja Warrior training facilities.
  2. Craig designed these workouts specifically for the needs of endurance athletes. His workouts strengthen common weak areas, add mobility to likely tight areas that provide resistance during your endurance training, and create stability for the rigors of endurance sports.
  3. Craig has a bachelors degree in exercise science, holds his CSCS designation, and has constantly educated himself with courses and workshops so he can provide real people the strength training they need and are capable of performing.
Craig Slobodian

Discover the proven 3-part system to help any endurance athlete get stronger!


Strengthen muscle groups that enhance endurance sports performance


Remove common tightnesses, limitations, and imbalances


Improve stability and increase efficiency swimming, biking, and running


  • 49 30-minute guided kettlebell strength workouts
  • Smartphone sized workout descriptions you can take with you anywhere
  • Annual training plan incorporation guidance
  • Exercise demonstrations to ensure exact proper form

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