Mike “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” Reilly Ep.004

by Taren Gesell

Blog ▸ Mike “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” Reilly Ep.004

Mike Reilly is The Voice of Ironman.  If you’ve ever heard the words “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” odds are very good that those words were spoken by Mike Reilly.

In his career Mike has announced nearly 200 Ironman races, calling hundreds of thousands of Ironman athletes over the line.  He has been inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame, the Running USA Hall of Champions, and is a founding member of Triathlon Business International.

In this interview with Triathlon Taren and No Triathlon Kim Mike discusses the first running race he ever announced, how the iconic phrase “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” was born, the keys to a successful marriage while traveling, and

Topics discussed during the podcast interview:

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