Endurance Sport Enhancing Video Courses

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Guided kettlebell. video package

Strength Training for Endurance Sports

  • Improve your race performances by improving your strength endurance
  • Reduce your likelihood of injuries and imbalances
  • Reduce your training time while improving performance
Tyler Rose
Both the guided Yoga sessions and Kettlebell workouts on the MōTTIV app are great to have sprinkled into my workout week to not only help me work on my mobility and flexibility, I have also felt less prone to injury! By incorporating these sessions in as scheduled workouts, it makes me WANT to do them rather than feeling like I HAVE to do them. Also an added benefit, is that the “equipment” required for these sessions is super cheap and easily accessible!

Tyler Rose

Guided yoga video workouts package

Yoga and Mobility for Endurance Athletes

  • Combat the detrimental effects of endurance sports pounding
  • Improve recovery so you feel less sore and ready for every day
  • Function better in daily life without restrictions and adhesions thoughout your body
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The yoga and strength workouts are an awesome addition to a regular training schedule. Knowing when and how to work on strength and to have some active recovery on a “rest day” has been very beneficial for me. The videos are easy to follow and instructors are great!

Sean Marcy

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