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Head Trainiac & Triathlete-In-Chief, TriathlonTaren.com

Triathlon Taren wasn’t always the Speedo-clad, All-World Ironman triathlete, and IRONMAN U Certified Coach and ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition you see today. Although he grew up skateboarding, playing baseball and curling competitively, by the time he started university, he hit his all-time high weight of 215lbs thanks to a steady diet of beer and bacon. At 5’8” tall, he was unhealthy and unhappy. A friend who was heavily into fitness got Taren into the gym, pushing weights and eating nothing but chicken breasts and brown rice. He lost some weight but it wasn’t a lifestyle; he was getting bored with the workouts and always looking for something better. Right around that time, Taren noticed an old friend competing in triathlon and decided since he was already running, biking and swimming separately, he may as well try to put them together. He did his first Try-A-Tri (a total disaster, in his estimation), and he was instantly hooked. Now, eight years later and a comfortable 165lbs., Taren has made triathlon and endurance sports a way of life, having competed in countless sprint, Olympic and half-Ironman races. It’s his passion to bring tips on healthy living and triathlon training to amateur athletes around the world. Taren still races competitively throughout the year and has the following personal best race times: Sprint: 1:07:54 |  Olympic: 2:11:24 |  Half-IRONMAN: 4:34:52 | Full Iron Distance: 9:41:28 | Half-Marathon: 1:28:06. He lives in Winnipeg, Canada with his wife Kim and their two dogs.


Head Sherpa

Kim met Taren when he was curling professionally on the World Curling Tour, not long after he’d done his first Try-A-Tri. As he learned the sport and began to adopt triathlon as a lifestyle, Kim quickly learned the ropes for being a good sherpa, and has accompanied Taren to a majority of his races and endurance endeavors. Kim worked as a journalist for many years, as a TV news reporter and then as the host of a weekly football show. She left the media a couple of years ago and now works alongside Taren at MYMŌTTIV.com, and still does some freelance work as a writer, host and voice-over artist. She was previously a competitive women’s softball and ultimate frisbee player, and enjoys riding her bike with the dogs. She's just returned to exercise after a 12-year layoff from activity while she battled Lyme Disease.