And even start to enjoy it!


In the only triathlon nutrition eBook you’ll ever need, discover:

  • 1

    chapter 1


    • 1.1 Calculate Your Personal Needs
    • 1.2 A Scientific Method
    • 1.3 Importance of Nutrition
  • 2

    chapter 2

    Getting it Right

    • 2.1 Nutrition is Critical
    • 2.2 Risks of Poor Nutrition
    • 2.3 Even Pros Get it Wrong
  • 3

    chapter 3

    Clarify Your Nutrition

    • 3.1 Fiction vs Fact
    • 3.2 Three Principles of Nutrition
    • 3.3 Approaching Electrolytes
    • 3.4 Carb Loading Myths
  • 4

    chapter 4

    Before Your Race

    • 4.1 Pre-Race Meal
    • 4.2 Carb & Fluid Loading
    • 4.3 Foods to Avoid
  • 5

    chapter 5

    Calculate Your Nutrition

    • 5.1 Calculate Your Nutrition Needs
    • 5.2 Create a Nutrition Schedule
    • 5.3 Race Day Strategy
  • 6

    chapter 6

    Dial In Your Nutrition

    • 6.1 Dealing with Race Day Problems
    • 6.2 Fine Tune Your Plan
    • 6.3 What To Do On Game Day


I followed your nutrition advice for a recent 110km training ride and it worked like a charm! Then a few days later, I did a 32km run with lots of hills. I stuck to your calorie plan and did not cramp or tire at all. It’s the first time I’ve ever run more than 10km!

- Nazzer Vana -


Excited to tackle my next IRONMAN!

After the wheels fell off in my first IRONMAN race Taren suggested my issue wasn’t fitness, but nutritional. He suggested I read this book and adapt what I could to my training. Having followed the book's advice I now set out on BRICK runs after long bike rides feeling strong.

- Robyn Stirling -


I qualified for my first ever Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Championships!

As I challenge myself to reach my full athletic potential, I once again turn to Taren for nutrition advice. Taren's latest book, Triathlon Nutrition Foundations takes all of the guess work out proper nutrition for training, racing, and living the life of an endurance athlete. Thanks for more rock solid advice, Taren!

- Carl Binner -

About the auther

Triathlon Taren Gesell

  • Taren is an IRONMAN-U certified coach, ISSA specialist in sports nutrition, all-world IRONMAN athlete, AND the author of Triathlon Swimming Foundations.
  • The system Taren shares, and teaches within the book, helped transform him from a seriously sucky swimmer… setting a nonstop 37 kilometer (23 mile) 9-hour swim record!
  • He knows the swim is the least favorite stage for many triathletes. However, he also knows how much it can improve your entire race once you have it nailed.
  • Taren’s unique system has helped hundreds of triathletes transform their swim, and even start to enjoy it.

Discover the proven 3-part system to help any triathlete smash the swim!


How to get stronger at the “dreaded” swim, and finally feel totally confident and comfortable at the starting line.


Why following the instructions of “elite swimming coaches” or swimming for all hours under the sun could be having a seriously negative impact on your entire race.


A system that blows deadweight legs, embarrassing breathing, and negative propulsion, out of the water, leaving a strong, sturdy, swimmer in its wake.

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The Basic Triathlon
Nutrition Plan Package

  • The FULL Triathlon Nutrition Foundations ebook
  • Bonus race and training nutrition calculator to make sure your nutrition plan is spot on

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