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Triathlon Taren

PO Box 61069 Grant Park

Winnipeg MB R3M 3X8


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I’m a Trainiac, what’s the best way for me to reach you?

If you’re on Team Trainiac, reach us through the Team Trainiac platform or reply to the private email address exclusive to Team Trainiac athletes that all your team communication comes to.

Want our founder Triathlon Taren to feature your product?

If you want Taren to feature your product click here and to review our media info and download information about how to make this happen. Our contact information is in that Media Kit you can download.

Want Triathlon Taren to come to your race, event, do your podcast, or take part in something else with regards to media?

Please reach out to Taren on Instagram here via direct message and you can discuss how to make this happen.

Want your data deleted from the MōTTIV app?

If you would like your data deleted from the MōTTIV app. Please lodge a new support ticket via the Help Center.