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In the only triathlon bike ebook you’ll
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  • How to finally nail power and pacing through wind, rain, and hills to sail past your competitors (and still feel fresh for the run!)
  • How you might be sabotaging your cycle success (intentionally or unintentionally!)
  • Why hundreds and hundreds of hours over thousands of miles is careless cycling training that negatively impacts your life.
  • A system that means anyone, no matter their ability, can improve their bike, and achieve a personal best.

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Chris Child

Chris Child

It has really helped me improve on the bike!

The Triathlon Bike Foundations book has really helped me improve on the bike, it’s full of useful and easy to digest information, from a triathlete who really knows what he is talking about!! I would highly recommend this to any developing triathlete that is looking to improve their bike times!

Candyce Smith

Candyce Smith

It helped me understand how not to spend a fortune mastering the bike portion of the race

The bike portion of triathlon has always been my downfall!

From what type of bike to ride, to all the different things that go with the bike (shoes, kits, tires), Taren’s Bike Foundations helped me understand all of the important concepts, the bike lingo, as well as how to not spend a fortune mastering the bike portion of the race! Thank you Taren!

Kayla Webber

Kayla Webber

I learned what it takes to become a better cyclist

I started triathlon in 2018 and knew little about the sport, I knew even less about cycling. I fumbled my way through 2018 just hoping to stay upright on my bike, not even joking! I was stoked to read Taren's Triathlon Bike Foundations book because I knew I would at least learn a little bit... as it turned out I learned a TON! Not only did I learn about helmets and bike parts, I learned how to handle my bike through the practical tips he gives and what it takes to become a better cyclist!

Brian Bligh

Brian Bligh

Taren's book helped me optimize my training

Taren's Triathlon Bike Foundations book answered all of the questions I had about how to approach the biking leg of triathlon, from the gear to choose to how to structure my training. He'll caution you about triathlon 'hacks' and give you practical advice. With limited time to train between working full time and having two toddlers, Taren's book helped me optimize my training which led me to a PB performance in my last race. Thank you Taren! Eat, Sleep, Trainiac, Repeat!

Here's a full breakdown of the ebook

  1. Trophy

    Chapter 1

    Clipping In
    1. Introduction
    2. You've Got What It Takes
    3. What It Takes
  2. Bicycle

    Chapter 2

    Optimize Your Bike
    1. Your Bike
    2. Making Upgrades
    3. Getting Aero
    4. Staying Aero
  3. Bike

    Chapter 3

    Optimize Two WOs A Week
    1. Just Two Workouts?
    2. The One-Minute Workout
    3. The Long Ride
    4. Optional Bonus Rides
  4. Bar Chart

    Chapter 4

    Optimize Your Strength
    1. Get the Most Out of Your Ride
    2. High Return Cycling
    3. Pacing
  5. Medal

    Chapter 5

    Pushing Off
    1. Riding Off Into The Sunset
    2. HIT Workouts
    3. Definitions
    4. What's Next

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The Basic Strong Triathlon
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  • The FULL Triathlon Bike Foundations ebook
  • 10 bonus training and drill videos to ensure your upgraded bike technique is spot on

Triathlon Taren Gesell

  1. Taren is an IRONMAN-U certified coach, ISSA specialist in sports nutrition, all-world IRONMAN athlete, AND the author of Triathlon Swimming Foundations.
  2. The system Taren shares, and teaches within the book, helped transform him from a seriously sucky swimmer…
    ...to setting a nonstop 37 kilometer (23 mile) 9-hour swim record!
  3. He knows the swim is the least favorite stage for many triathletes. However, he also knows how much it can improve your entire race once you have it nailed.
  4. Taren’s unique system has helped hundreds of triathletes transform their swim, and even start to enjoy it.

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